Steering the Wheel of Change: How to Win in Unpredictable Circumstances

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Steering the Wheel of Change: How to Win in Unpredictable Circumstances
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Think about some of the coolest jobs in the world and try to identify what they all have in common.

They don’t have to have their headquarters in California, and they don’t all have to be jobs that pay in millions.

Take something as creative as painting or as serious as criminal investigation. It won’t be long before you realize that the greatest profession isn’t necessarily one that pays generously or catapults your name to fame.

It’s a job that gives you countless opportunities to evolve by giving you some degree of autonomy, whether that means working for Google or decorating cakes for a living.

You see, your career isn’t something that defines you, but it does shape the course of your life as it compels you to make a choice.The same goes for your personal relationships, lifestyle and overall health.So, if you expect to reach your destination at a certain point in time, you must begin your journey by first acknowledging that you have a choice.

Fear of the Great Unknown

Many of us don’t pursue our hopes and dreams simply because of two words that have the power to shatter your self-confidence: “What if?”

While many of your fears may be rational (poor investments, bad economic climate, layoffs, etc.), others are simply based on fear of the unfamiliar (a new boss, advanced software, relocation, etc.).

You see, your mind takes comfort in familiar surroundings. It knows when to respond and how to respond. It has sufficient context to make the right moves.

Ultimately, it’s all about security and our inability to adapt to unforeseen events. Think of a person who remains home bound for decades, terrified by the mere sight of tall skyscrapers and monuments.

It’s not that the world outside is terrifying. It’s just a different version of reality that his brain automatically views as a threat.

Be the Change

Whenever you’re held back by fears of “what if?”, take a moment to identify your strengths, then put them to good use.

Self-empowerment is your greatest weapon against unforeseen challenges. Remind yourself how you came so far, what you’re capable of achieving and why YOU were chosen to take on the obstacle.

Unpredictable events can make your life more thrilling.Steer the wheel of your life fearlessly in a positive direction. Go with the flow, embrace the challenge and #EnjoyTheRide!

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