Top Corporate Event Ideas to Motivate Employees

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No matter how great your business ideas or products are, your employees help keep the revenue running. They are the company’s lifeblood, which is why it’s important to cater to their needs and ensure a welcoming and motivating working environment.

However, sometimes staying motivated can be a real struggle with pressing deadlines. Arranging corporate events will help lighten the mood and inspire employees to work to the best of their potential. Here’s a list of corporate events that will help motivate your employees:

1. Plan a Sports Day

Planning games like volleyball, bowling, softball, or even golf can help create a refreshing space for teamwork. One of the main reasons teams fall behind in the workplace is that they turn away from the shared goal and focus on independent work instead.

Sports can help address this issue as they give your employees a mutual goal to work toward. In addition, being physically active can boost mental clarity and focus. Plan a weekend for a sports event and reward your employees with gifts or vouchers to enhance workplace culture and team spirit.

2. Monthly Potluck Party

Following a routine can get boring; this is why it’s important to switch things up in the workplace. Instead of planning a simple lunch in a restaurant, involve your employees to do more.

Discuss options with your team and ask every department to bring in a different dish. This can be a meal or even a dessert. Place all the dishes on the table and let everyone enjoy a variety of food and drinks. This will be a great bonding time and something you can plan every month as well.

3. Hire a Motivational Speaker

While team parties and sports events sure sound fun, one idea that will really hit the spot is hiring a motivational speaker.

North America’s keynote speaker Steve Gilliland has inspired and motivated countless professionals to work to their maximum potential. He speaks about topics like time management, workplace culture, leadership, transformation, and so much more. Steve is also a proud member of the NSA Speaker Hall of Fame and has created series of unique Motivation Bites videos that are engaging and effective. His motivational talks will help your employees gain focus and vision in terms of their workplace. They will learn to see the bigger picture and works toward one common goal to boost company growth and profits. Scheduling a motivational speech will also break barriers between employees and foster a sense of oneness.

Check out his motivational presentations and virtual sessions to find one that is best for your organization. Steve also regularly updates his blog and YouTube channel with fresh inspirational content.

“We are very grateful that you were kind enough to do two sessions in one day to accommodate our specific scheduling needs.”  – Jen Morrison, Training Coordinator, SMILE