Time Is of the Essence: Wising Up and Doing More

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Time Is of the Essence
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Your time is immensely valuable. The sooner you realize that, the better you will become at learning to manage it wisely.

Every person has a specific set of goals, both short-term and long-term, that they are working toward. In order to contribute your time effectively toward achieving these goals, learn how to manage the time you have in a way that ensures maximum productivity.

Once you have identified your goals, how can you go about managing your time in a way that is conducive to achieving them?

Effective Planning

Planning comes first, and knowing what you will be dedicating your time to over the course of a day is helpful in ensuring that you are investing your precious hours in the right things.

List down your goals, list down the responsibilities you need to tend to, and map out how you’re going to distribute the time that you have amongst them.

This kind of planning will help you divide your time in an effective manner, thereby allowing you to be more productive in the long run.


If you have many goals and many responsibilities, take the time out to prioritize them so you know what you need to dedicate more of your time to.

Focus on the more important tasks first, striving to complete those before moving on to less essential responsibilities.

Learning to Say No

Some things are clearly going to be a waste of your time. Learn how to say no to such commitments. If it isn’t particularly relevant to your professional and personal endeavors, then it’s better to hold off on saying yes to something and regretting it later.

Overwhelming yourself with too much to do in too little time will only serve to burn you out and acts as a blockade in your path toward achieving your objectives.

Avoid Distractions

Distraction is everywhere. Whether it’s your phone chiming again and again as you struggle to work on a deadline or some other less essential aspect of your life clouding your judgment, it’s imperative to take it out of the equation to ensure you stay on track!

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