The Controversial Idea of Going Above and Beyond in the Workplace

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The idea of being a dedicated employee has changed with time. For older generations, workplace habits consisted of doing whatever was necessary to get the job done and rise above adversaries, but younger generations have a much more casual approach. According to their philosophy, workplace habits are just that: habits that stay in the workplace.

So, with two contrasting schools of thinking, how can one determine the right course of action? Either you push yourself and try to invest all your efforts into succeeding, or you fulfill the expectations of your role and leave it at that.

Steve Gilliland is a famous motivational speaker whose books and keynote addresses have helped many find new perspectives and evaluate their relationship with their career more clearly.

Since work-life balance has become a popular buzzword in today’s society and it’s essential to prioritize one’s well-being, many people believe it’s okay to slack off at work if it means achieving that balance. However, is it possible to go above and beyond in the workplace while still maintaining a healthy balance? The top-rated business speakers advocate for a healthy distribution of time and energy, but there are still benefits to being dedicated to your career.

Following Your Inner Purpose

Many people believe that a job is just a way to pay the bills, but what if it’s more than that? What if your work is an extension of your inner purpose? When you’re passionate about your work, you’re more likely to invest your time, effort, and energy into it. You’ll take ownership of your tasks and be willing to put in extra hours to ensure you’ve done your best work. If you think of your career only as a series of steps on the corporate ladder, then it’s no surprise that you’re not too invested in your corporate growth.

When you approach your job with enthusiasm and creativity, you can adapt your role in your career to serve a larger purpose for yourself. When you do this, your career becomes an adventure, and it’s easier to realize that every skill you learn and every step you take is another ambition fulfilled that’ll get you closer to achieving your final goal. It might seem as if you’re only bringing success to your organization, but you’re also fueling your professional growth. There are many opportunities to find confidence and composure in your professional career, which you won’t necessarily find in your personal life.

workers correcting their mistakes

Some of the best motivational speakers in the world encourage prioritizing your career. When you pursue a personal vision that you love and are passionate about, it’s hard not to have fun and find opportunities for responsibility, building momentum and drive along the way. At the end of your career, your successes will still be your own, and your achievements will still be yours, even if, at the time, they served a larger purpose for the organization or you.

Developing Your Skills

Investing time and effort in your work also means you’re investing in your professional development. The more effort you put into your work, the more you learn and grow. You’ll develop new skills, leading to new opportunities, promotions, and higher pay. Additionally, your employer will notice your dedication and will be more likely to invest in your professional development.

Bringing Your Unique Brand of Creativity to the Table

One of the most significant benefits of going above and beyond in the workplace is the opportunity to showcase your unique brand of creativity. When you’re invested in your work, you’re more likely to think outside the box, come up with creative solutions, and add value to your organization. Your creativity can lead to new ideas, products, or services that benefit your company, team, and customers.

As top business speakers attest, this isn’t something that can be replicated by anyone else.

Building Character and Discipline

Going above and beyond in the workplace can also help you build character and discipline. When you push yourself to do your best work, even when it’s challenging, you’re developing grit and resilience. You’re showing yourself and others that you’re capable of handling difficult situations and committed to achieving your goals. Additionally, discipline is a critical skill in any profession. When you’re disciplined, you’re more likely to meet deadlines, follow through on commitments, and deliver high-quality work.

These skills can be applied to your personal life just as easily. When you put in the earnest work to develop certain characteristics, they become a part of you and no longer become something you consciously remember to do. As far as workplace habits go, building character generally refers to acting with respect, ethics, and integrity. If you can’t respect your coworkers, you can’t participate constructively. However, you won’t always be in a situation where it’s easy to set aside your feelings and prioritize productivity.

There will be times when you feel tempted to say what you really feel, and while there’s strength in being your authentic self, the ability to focus on the job at hand is an invaluable trait.

Capitalizing on Failures

No one is perfect, and failures are a natural part of the learning process. When you’re invested in your work, you’ll be more likely to take risks, try new things, and make mistakes. However, these mistakes can be valuable learning opportunities to help you grow and improve. When you do more in the workplace, you’re more likely to take ownership of your mistakes, learn from them, and use them to become a better professional.

Although certain things may have been a team effort, and there were truly external factors responsible for the result, there’s still ownership to be taken. The understanding that you’re still responsible will urge you to be more selective about the paths you choose, setting you on a success-oriented adventure. This isn’t something you can gain from reading about it or by listening to an inspirational speaker.

This is an experience that’ll change the fundamentals of how you see things.

Respecting Your Organization

Having healthy workplace habits also means respecting your organization. When you’re invested in your work, you’re more likely to follow company policies, procedures, and values. Additionally, you’ll be more likely to treat your coworkers, customers, and stakeholders with respect and professionalism. This behavior can create a positive work environment, leading to better job satisfaction, lower turnover rates, and higher productivity.

Not only is it better for everyone, but it’s also the right thing to do. Your organization might be an entity that tasks you with fulfilling a certain role, but when you step back, the big picture is something that serves a large number of people.

A workforce gives an organization enough participation to keep it sustainable and growing, and, in turn, it gives its workforce security, wisdom, and adventure. There is no power in thinking of your employer as an adversary, for the idea of each trying to get the most out of the other is simply unfounded. A company can only prosper if its workforce allows it, and workers can only succeed by bringing success to their company. The two go hand in hand, so if you lose confidence in your employer, you’re ultimately doing yourself a disservice.

Create Your Own Balance

Going above and beyond in the workplace doesn’t mean sacrificing your personal life or well-being. It’s essential to create balance, which means finding ways to prioritize your personal and professional life. For example, you can set boundaries around your work hours, schedule regular breaks throughout the day, and make time for hobbies, exercise, and self-care. Additionally, you can communicate your needs and priorities with your employer and coworkers, which can help create more supportive and flexible work, something that inspirational and motivational speakers are committed to.

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