It’s Not As Bad As It Seems: Why We All Need Reality Checks

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It’s Not As Bad As It Seems: Why We All Need Reality Checks
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Pain, stress and sadness all have the ability to engulf you. They’re so hard to deal with because they suck you in, making you lose touch with reality. Nothing else seems to matter in these moments because it feels like the world is ending.

In these incredibly dark times, no amount of self-reflection, rationalization and self-assurance can combat the hopelessness. This is where your support system comes in—whether you have one large support system involving your friends, family and coworkers or a singular support system in the form of a parent, partner or even a therapist. Either way, it doesn’t have to be a battle you fight alone.

The Importance of Support Systems and Reality Checks

These support systems are comprised of people who love and care for you and vary from person to person and context to context. You can’t always take a stressful situation at work and expect your partner or parent to fully understand it.

The Importance of Support Systems and Reality Checks

In such cases, a coworker you’re comfortable with will probably be able to help you better. It’s cathartic to vent your heart out, complain, cry, share worries and talk about what’s bothering you—but you know what? These people can also put things into perspective.

When we say perspective, we don’t mean them dismissing or invalidating what you’re going through. Instead, it’s helping you see the bigger picture and move away from a momentary experience of pain so you can understand that there might be more to it or that even if there isn’t, things will get better.

Remember, there’s a difference between your perception of a situation and someone else’s perspective on it.

Why Does Perspective Matter if I’m Hurt?

Perspective can be a game changer when it comes to processing hurt and trauma. A reality check is sometimes not as gentle as we’d hope for it to be—but that’s not a bad thing. A rude awakening is sometimes exactly what it takes for things to fall into place as we begin to see things for what they are.

Why Does Perspective Matter if I’m Hurt?

The power of a reality check is impressive, because it’s what gets you out of your self-pity and self-inflicted pain. Things tend to be bigger in our heads—and that’s okay—but fostering those feelings can be incredibly damaging and toxic. So if a friend takes it on themselves to shake you out of your misery, thank them.

Remember:  “Live more for today, less for tomorrow, and never about yesterday.”
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