How to Have a Winning First Day at a New Job

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challenges that can set the tone for the rest of your journey at a workplace. Sure, the idea of settling in with new people might be intimidating, but according to famous motivational speakers, when you know that your skills, talent, and tenacity have earned you the position, you can let your confidence take the wheel.

According to Steve Gilliland, one of the best motivational speakers in the world, it’s not as nerve-racking as it sounds, especially if you do the following:

Be Yourself

The very first thing to do is drop the idea of how your actions will affect the impression you make on others, and focus on presenting yourself as you are. In a workplace, it’s not necessarily about getting people to like you, but rather showing people that you can be relied upon as a team member and are more than able to step up when needed. If you’re a natural leader, don’t shrink yourself to make others more comfortable.

Your hands-on initiative will prove your worth in time and come to be valued. On the other hand, If you’re not too sure of yourself and rely on a little extra guidance, don’t be afraid to ask your manager or your team members for help, or maybe even tune into a celebrity motivational speaker’s address. Regardless of how this might come across, honesty and authenticity are irreplaceable in a coworker. If you have a question, it’s always better to ask it and to properly understand what’s expected of you than to make impromptu decisions that may not achieve the desired outcome.

Your thorough approach, humility, and willingness to seek support when you could use it will set you apart. No matter what kind of worker you are, remember that you’ve been hired as an individual and you’re not required to fit into any sort of mold. Organizations prosper when they’re filled with a diverse range of people whose differences are what push them to improve every day. The more you worry about coming across a certain way or presenting a particular front, the more distance you are likely to create between your new coworkers and yourself.

While it’s wonderful to have friends at work, this is something that will come naturally and take some time. You might not have an abundance of social interactions on your first day of work, but when it comes to building relationships, always choose quality over quantity. When you’re your full authentic self, people will notice and appreciate your comfort with yourself and the fact that you’re not afraid of being who you are.

Learn The Rules

Celebrity motivational speakers explain that every space is different and operates by a set of rules, some spoken, some unspoken. Your first day at work will probably introduce you to an entirely new order that didn’t exist at your old job. This could be anything, from arriving early to avoiding work during the lunch hour. Make sure you adhere to these, whether they’re social or official, so you can show your team that you’re ready to adapt.

What you learn will tell you a lot about the work culture. What’s valued and what’s not will show through clearly, and it’ll become easier for you to show your company that you respect their way of doing things. Making the effort to be flexible will increase the odds of your being welcomed quickly.

Show, Don’t Tell

Remember, you’ve been given a job based on merit, so focus on letting your work speak for itself. No matter how much experience you have, nobody expects you to do a perfect job on your first day; they’re observing you as much as you’re observing them. If that makes you nervous, then remind yourself that you have more strengths than you realize.

Sure, it’s natural to have weaknesses, but a workspace isn’t exclusively about deliverables. What makes you a good employee is your attentiveness, positivity, and enthusiasm.

If you look around, you’ll see that everyone makes mistakes, and everyone is at some point on their learning curve. For every misstep, you gain a new opportunity to improve and show your new team that you dare to confront your weaknesses and have the wisdom to step back and see the bigger picture. It can be jarring when despite your best efforts you don’t get the desired result, but there’s a secret to making sure you see your journey through a constructive lens.

Stay True To Your Ambitions

Some of the top motivational speakers believe that the secret to success is your personal vision. No matter where you are and how long you’ve been there, your professional life will benefit from a strong sense of direction. Short-term goals are a great way to build momentum and gain skills, but a long-term goal is what’ll keep you on track through setbacks and obstacles. For example, if you’re counting on a promotion that you don’t get, then letting the missed opportunity overshadow the other possibilities can lead to even more missed opportunities.

Manager mentoring employee on his first day at work

However, if you had a greater goal, it would prompt you to actively seek new pathways. For instance, perhaps your goal is to move from your current role into an executive position, and to do so, you want the promotion for the management experience it’ll give you. Losing the promotion might be tough, but your endgame is still on the table. You can find other ways to gain management experience, like asking a manager to mentor you or taking on challenging tasks to show you’re up to the mark. You could even directly approach your superiors and discuss what they look for in a manager.

Such purpose shows you day in and out that no failure is a long-term failure, and there’s no limit on how many attempts can be made.

Furthermore, it helps you accept that a little growth in the right direction will go a long way. Inspirational speakers explain that you’ll find yourself creating better priorities for yourself and developing a balanced skillset. When you achieve smaller targets, they’ll be evidence of a marked difference in your performance. When you eventually reach the coveted executive position, you’ll get there with humility, perspective, and gratitude for all you’ve learned and all you’ve gained. When you think like this, the work you do might be for your employer, but you’re fully able to reap the benefits.

Simply changing the way you see your ambitions can turn your career into an adventure of self-discovery and determination.

Be Approachable

You might find an office full of new faces intimidating, but your colleagues might be intimidated as well. Introduce yourself to as many people as possible, and make it clear that you’re excited to get to know people. If you work remotely, this can be harder to do, but you can find ways even if they work a bit slower. There’s no reason to go out of your way, but being open can make a big difference in how you’re seen by the people around you, and a positive first impression is a great foundation for a strong working relationship.

Corporate motivational speakers stress the importance of keeping your mind and spirit open in a professional setting, and networking is a large factor in career advancement. Friendship is invaluable, but when your abilities are recognized, you’re likely to have more chances to prove yourself.

Steve Gilliland, a professional speaker, reminds audiences of their inner capacity for success. We all may think of a winning result as something we can find or create, but truly, the potential to do so is something we’re born with. Faith in oneself and resilience will manifest it.

It might seem like a positive outlook is just something that celebrity speakers for conferences talk about, but once you start enacting their philosophies, you’ll see the outcome more quickly than you expect. When you start seeing limitations as challenges, and you start seeing your capabilities as ever-evolving, then all restrictions become relative. If you ever need a quick positivity boost, check out Steve Gilliland’s Motivation Bites, which are short videos filled with practical guidance, or check out this online store for books by this top-rated business speaker. Of course, nothing compares to the real thing, so to book Steve to speak at your next event, click here.

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