How to Gain Perspective and Set Priorities in Life

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Work, relationships, family, health, friendships, and more. Don’t sacrifice any of these things, even if it feels impossible to have them all at once. All you need is a little perspective, an honest set of priorities, and some insight into your inner magic, and you’ll find every facet of your life coming together like a very wholesome jigsaw.

Steve Gilliland and his powerful set of online resources have been changing lives across the world, not by instruction, but by reminding people to look within – always. This professional speaker advocates globally for finding all the answers within yourself.

Too often, people look at themselves and see problems, which is understandable because we all face obstacles. Then again, maybe you’ve overcome every obstacle you’ve ever faced. When it comes to finding inspiration in life’s little challenges, nobody’s better equipped to face your hurdles than you. The proof? Any question or doubt that arises within you comes from the inner wisdom that something’s not right. Not with you, but with the direction you’re moving in.

Remember, you build your life for yourself, not the other way around.

When your mind and body give you the signal, don’t hesitate. Begin steering the wheel of change according to your compass. Here’s how to find yours:

1. Recognize What You Do For Yourself And What You Do For Others

Doing things for others is an amazing deed and not something you need to put an end to. If helping people, loved ones, or strangers brings you joy, don’t let anyone stop you. However, know where the boundary between “for me” and “for others” lies.

Helping someone out when they need it will bring happiness to you both, but if you’re going above and beyond for someone who doesn’t realize the difference, it’s time to reconsider.

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For example, if you’re the go-to person in your workplace or household for anything that needs handling, you’re entitled to due credit. Completing tasks brings joy, but when your efforts aren’t recognized, let alone commended, not so much. The answer isn’t to drop the extra work.

Check in with yourself instead.

Are you picking up extra work because you feel like you’re expected to or as an attempt at recognition? Or are you sharpening your skillset and multitasking abilities in the name of personal growth? Both are noble endeavors, but if neither goal is met, it’s time to find a different route.

If you’re looking to build a name, then it’s time to speak up. Ask your manager for more responsibility so you can showcase your talents visibly. If you want to hone your skills, then perhaps it’s time to start finding time for personal growth outside of the office.

Many forget that what you learn outside of the classroom and workplace is the foundation for what you do with your career. Motivational speaker companies help people take control of their narratives, not by giving them a particular skillset or instruction, but by reminding them that time is of the essence and wising up and doing more for yourself is always a good move. In fact, it’s a trump card.

2. Ask Yourself What Life Is Giving You, Here And Now

You are a success story every day that you wake up and conquer the day. Some days, it might feel like the day conquered you, but that’s a success as well. It’s proof that you’re nurturing your skills and abilities.

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To nourish your soul and ambitions, you need the 3 Ps of positivity. They also happen to be 3 ways to retain great practices. They are purpose, passion, and pride.

If your days feel more challenging than you’d like, identify what’s going wrong in your life. Ideally, your professional and personal life should be driven by passion. The results of your hard work should be something you can take pride in, and the driving factor that gets you going should be your inner purpose.

That purpose is different from your practical needs. To an extent, we all do a little for society and the bottom tier of Maslow’s pyramid, but you deserve more. When you make choices, look for the three Ps. If you don’t find them, then think twice about your direction. Positivity is food for the spirit. When you act with spirit, the difference is visible.

3. Detach Yourself From Previously Set Goals

Discover your personal superpower of vision, and use it wisely and often – partly because it’s a secret stash of solutions and partly because, as you grow, your destination changes. It doesn’t have to be a dramatic change. It could be that you always wanted to be a chef, but you ultimately find your true calling writing cookbooks. Or, later in life, you may stumble upon a newfound passion for architecture. It might always feel like the right time to change your life was yesterday, but think again.

There’s no such thing as wasted time. We all have our own timelines. Sure, you could’ve pursued your passion sooner, but who says you can only have one passion?

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Follow your passions, but also give them room to grow and change. It might not be traditional to switch careers midway, but why not? When you feel your inner purpose respond, follow it no matter how unprecedented the path may be. After all, who says you weren’t born to be a trailblazer?

Especially with your career, don’t make the mistake of thinking your efforts are entirely for your employer. You’re contributing, of course, but the skills you create and the work ethics you gain are yours forever, no matter what your industry. These are the tools you need to win in unpredictable circumstances. Whether you move to an all-new country, pivot your career, or decide to rebuild your way of life from scratch, you’re right on time.

Maybe you’d have liked to have found the passions earlier, but maybe you needed to get a little stronger to be able to take them by the horns – because look at you now! If you’re embarking on a road less traveled with full faith in your vision and enough purpose, the life you’ve lived is what brought you here.

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4. Get A New Comfort Zone

So how do we come upon these wild and thrilling moments that bring such joy, clarity, and awe? We search for them, of course! Your comfort zone is bigger than you think. Venture out in search of something that makes your blood pump. If you’ve ever seen a five-year-old walk into a candy store, then let that level of wonder be the benchmark.

It doesn’t matter if you do this professionally or casually, so long as you do it. There are things on this earth that have the potential to change your life. You never know when and where they’re waiting for you.

There’s a reason people find inspirational motivational speakers so helpful. Sometimes, you just need a little perspective to see the colors in your life, and once you start seeing them clearly, it’s easier to be honest with yourself about where you are and where you’d like to be.

Taking control of your life when it feels like the course is already set is just about the bravest thing you can do. It’s also the most rewarding. Make sure you’re leading with heart, and you’ll find the rest will come together just as it was meant to.

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Even one of the above recommendations will bring a whole new perspective into your life because it’s not about the right way to live – it’s about the right path for you. If you’d like to learn more about creating your life around your happiness, follow the professional speaker for events, Steve Gilliland. Steve is known for making his audiences laugh out loud as they enjoy the ride.


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