How Good Leaders Build More Leaders Than Followers

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Great leaders bear much accountability and are always ready to step in when a crisis hits. But why settle for great when you could be a legend? The leaders that are spoken of fondly and inspire many to go beyond are the ones who create the leaders of tomorrow by training them today.

It may seem counterintuitive, and it’s true: learning to work as part of a team is instrumental to becoming a good leader. Then again, in keeping with that statement, the team leader is also a team member. To lead is to support, and support is something that always comes back to you.

Steve Gilliland, a Hall of Fame motivational business speaker, has moved many through his words and books. Imagine how much you can impact your teams’ lives for the better! When you empower your team, you’re not only leading them to undiscovered potential, but you’re also leading with heart, and that’s sure to show in your work.

Your Personal Superpower of Vision: Use It Wisely and Often

You’re a leader because you have a vision and a propensity to see it through. Keep in mind, however, that everyone around you, from your intern to your assistant manager, is capable of this.

The biggest hindrance to your ambitions is self-doubt, and that’s not something you want to entertain.

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If you have an employee who likes to play it safe and you think they need to push themselves, avoid falling into the trap of pushing them yourself. Remember, you can’t instill leadership qualities if you’re too hands-on. Instead, encourage your team. Praise their successes, give them constructive feedback and actively compliment their efforts to implement it.

Whether you’re a born leader or you’ve built your skillset from scratch, you know what it’s like to wonder what you’re doing wrong and if you’ve done something wrong. Try not to let those concerns fester in your team. Remind your employees that their position doesn’t mean not steering the wheel of change to win in unpredictable circumstances.

Share your vision, and encourage others to share theirs, too. Make it clear that everyone in the workplace has a stake in the results.

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Along with that, share the accountability. If you have a team member who’s particularly vocal about a project, invite them to run point on it. Employees feel more invested when they believe they’re directly contributing to the company’s output. It’s one of the best ways to retain great employees.

It also makes them feel seen and appreciated. Knowing that the company is helping them find time for personal growth will be a reason for them to showcase their talents and develop greater ambitions.

The 3 Ps of Positivity

There’s no attitude but a positive attitude. When unpredictable circumstances hit, show your team how optimistic thinking beats panic every day of the week. The three Ps are:


The way to look at something that hasn’t gone as planned is confidently. It doesn’t matter why people diverted from the overarching goal; what matters is how you handle it.

Think of it this way: anything you can do wrong you can do right. Perhaps you didn’t get it on the first try, but that’s all a part of expanding your skillset. It doesn’t matter if you never make the same mistake twice or make it a dozen times. It’s your experience, and it’s wise to own it.

Similarly, empower your team to address their own slip-ups, not as repercussions but as an opportunity. Show your team that you’ll always give them a chance to grow if they’re willing to put in their best effort.


Passion births skill, talent, and drive. Let failure fuel your passion, and think of it as an opportunity to become even more talented. As a leader, it’s not just about fixing the mistake. It’s also about handling the criticism that may come your way and accepting responsibility.

When you love your work, doing it with a good attitude comes naturally.


Take pride in your mistakes. Lead by example by admitting to blunders and asking for support when needed. The key to keeping pride from turning into too much pride is ensuring that whatever you take credit for is an honest account of what happened.

If you got something right, take pride in the whole team. If a team member stands out with their performance, avoid separating them from the rest by praising them individually. Ask them about their process and encourage them to appreciate the helping hands that got them there.

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Finding Inspiration in Life’s Little Challenges

Encourage your employees to step out of the workplace when they need to. Remember, a person with job satisfaction who feels seen and appreciated by their employer won’t abuse that. If someone needs a break enough to ask for it, they do that knowing how it’ll affect their performance.

That means they either know how to make up for it, or they know that not taking a break will also affect their performance. Facing challenges at work will teach you a lot, but overcoming personal obstacles will teach you more.

Encouraging a work-life balance is more than a company mantra. It’s the best way to create an environment conducive to growth and dedication.

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These are learned skills, and everyone has their own timeline. If you find that your team isn’t resilient, show them how you respond to a challenge. Demonstrate that if and when they show their drive and flex their entire skillset, it’s recognized. Also, show them that when they can’t do that, you and other team members are available to help.

Encourage your team members to lean on each other and you for support. You’ll find that knowing they have those options inspires them to take more risks and take more initiative. It also builds team spirit in the workplace, which is a wonderful way to make employees feel welcome.

Time Is of the Essence: Wising Up and Doing More

Remember that no matter how empathetic and receptive you are, you can never presume to know how your employees feel about their jobs. So, empower them beyond their job descriptions. Instill the idea that no matter the company and no matter what your industry, their skillset is theirs.

The skills they build in a workplace will continue to support them wherever they go, whatever they do. Remind them that even in a job they plan to move on from they have the opportunity to have unique experiences. Besides technical skills, they’ll learn the value of hard and honest work. The misconception that doing more only benefits your employer is nothing more than that: a misconception.

Doing more is the right way to capitalize on your time.

Hire an Inspirational Motivational Speaker; Bonus Points for Funny Speakers

Don’t just lead by example. Expose your team to positive thinking by hiring inspirational keynote speakers. They’ll probably appreciate it even more if you go for a humorous motivational speaker. If and when they take away valuable insights, that doesn’t mean you’re not doing enough.

When you’re creating leaders, there’s nothing more empowering than freedom. Everyone has different learning styles, and catering to that will only create more respect for you in the workplace. Show your team that even at your level, you’re actively investing in your own learning process and doing what you can to improve.

Show them what it looks like to do your job with your heart, and you’re sure to inspire many.

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