Essential Rules for Professional Success

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Let’s face it – you’ve spent many sleepless nights to get where you are in your career. From doing your best to ace exams to spending hours networking, building contacts, improving your profile, and so much more, you’ve passed many hurdles to deserve the position you have today. Although dedication and hard work are at the core, there’s a lot more to consider when it comes to acquiring and maintaining professional success. Here are some rules to keep in mind:

1. Connect with Professionals Online

LinkedIn is the new Facebook. From entry-level candidates to director-level professionals, all spend time updating their connections with their current roles. Communication is key in the professional arena. You don’t have to be an extrovert to make connections online; you can always ask questions or start a conversation with people who interest you. Apart from online connections, make it a point to visit networking events held by your company or others. This is the perfect chance to meet prospective employers. Talk about your skills, your experience, and even your new ideas.

2. Work Hard and Smart

When it comes to working, never compromise. Make sure you always give 100% to expect 100% in return. Try to keep all negativity aside and focus on the positives. This will improve efficiency and productivity. Avoid giving excuses, and work to the best of your ability.

3. Maintain Professionalism

Employers across the world are on the lookout for people who are trustworthy. It’s important to be transparent and honest when it comes to completing tasks. Be sure to maintain a level of professionalism at all times. Avoid going late to work, switching jobs often, and dressing inappropriately to shine in the workplace. Don’t be afraid to ask your manager for help, and encourage them to offer regular feedback so you can constantly improve.

4. Listen to Motivational Speeches

When work seems tough, your motivation levels might also significantly decrease. In cases like this, hearing encouraging words from North America’s keynote speaker Steve Gilliland will help dramatically.

He has inspired and motivated countless working professionals to work to their maximum. He discusses topics like time management, workplace culture, leadership, transformation, and so much more. Steve is also a proud member of the NSA Speaker Hall of Fame and has created a series of unique Motivation Bites videos that are engaging and effective.

His motivational speeches will help you gain focus and vision in terms of the workplace. You will learn to see the bigger picture and work toward your goals. Check out Steve’s motivational presentations and virtual sessions to find one that is best for you. He also regularly updates his blog and YouTube channel with inspirational content.

“The impact Steve has made after speaking to us for maybe a total of 3 hours in unbelievable. We were extremely impressed and moved by the presentation.”  – Trevor Green, Rieth-Riley