3 Things Your Employees Want You to Know

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A fully engaged team is your company’s most valuable asset. Boosting a team’s engagement means finding out what matters the most to your staff. Individuals invest considerable time and energy into at work, so it’s only fair that they want it to be as enjoyable as possible. As such, it’s smart for employers to pay attention to what individuals require from their job and workspace. Meeting employee requirements not only aids in recruiting and retaining the top people, but also in improving morale, involvement, efficiency, and profits.

Most people used to be satisfied with steady 9–5 work and a decent wage. Workplaces have changed over time, and workers now have needs and requirements which go beyond merely getting paid. Workers have demands just like employers have requirements from their employees.

Workers expect their companies to provide them with resources that will help them succeed in their careers and personal lives. Here are some things that employees want from their employers:

Flexible Work Timings

Since the pandemic people, people have largely moved away from conventional 9–5 office hours and have gotten accustomed to flexible timings. Many employers have noticed that making people work from the office post-pandemic has been a hassle. Flexible work hours promote a healthy work-life balance. Due to technology, life has accelerated and people have found new methods of working.

According to a FlexJobs survey, 84 percent of employed parents prefer flexibility over money. Sadly, many businesses are still averse to this concept, believing that workers can only be effective if they work in a conventional office setting.

Cooperative Managers

It is commonly known that when individuals leave, it’s generally not because they’re frustrated by their work. Instead, they get annoyed and burnt out from dealing with their managers. When people go from having a terrible manager to an understanding and co-operative one, they instantly feel the difference. It’s a breath of fresh air.

When you have a strained connection with your supervisor, you are more likely to seek employment elsewhere. Bad bosses come in all shapes and sizes; some are outright toxic and cruel, bullying and harassing others around them. Others may have good intentions but might lack the proper skills to lead, provide constructive criticism, and guidance that employees look for in their bosses. A study noted that instead of a pay raise, 65% of workers would opt for a better boss.

Work That Means Something

Any job that makes individuals feel like they’re making a meaningful addition to a worthy objective is referred to as meaningful work. It could be the firm’s objectives or their own individual professional goals. Workers are frequently valued for their ability to succeed at job, and they dislike mundane or uninteresting activities. One study found out that instead of a salary hike, 61% of employees would want meaningful projects.

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Cynthia Solis, Staff Development Coordinator, La Joya Independent School District.