3 Secrets to Life All Successful People Know

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3 Secrets to Life All Successful People Know
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Successful people are not necessarily those who seem to have it all together: a stable, well-paying career, a family, a home, assets, savings, etc. Your own definition of success dictates who you look up to as the epitome of a successful individual.

Speaker Hall of Fame professional motivational speaker Steve Gilliland thinks of success as a journey, not a destination.

You know you have arrived as a leader when people follow you because they want to, not because they have to.” – Steve Gilliland, author of Enjoy the Ride.

Secrets of Life That You Should Know

There are things that people can tell you from experience and years of working in their fields, things that may not apply to everyone’s life the same way. However, there’s no harm in learning from the wisdom shared by others:

Risks are sometimes good for you

We’re often afraid of taking risks in life. A comfortable existence can be enough for people—but that’s what sets apart the highly successful from the crowd. Erratic, self-destructive behavior is not what we’re referring to when we say taking risks is good.

Risks are sometimes good for you

What we mean is, try your hand at new and exciting opportunities. Don’t hold back because of a fear of failure; it’s a part of the journey. A risk can sometimes pay off way more than you’d expect, and that’s where many of the most successful icons found their breakthroughs, too!

Believe in yourself more than you believe in what others think of you

Believe in yourself

Easier said than done, this one’s hard for anyone to do. That’s why it’s even more important to develop this practice. Trust yourself, your instincts and your abilities—whether that means making an important decision or changing how you do things. Other people will always have something to say about things; you just need to learn to filter out the bad advice. Be open to critique, but don’t take it to heart. It’s all for your improvement!

Accountability, accountability, accountability

Steve Gililand

This one’s big. You can be the most creative, perceptive individual in the world—you take well to advice and you’re a hard worker—but if you can’t hold yourself accountable, you won’t get very far. Accountability means being honest and real about what your shortcomings are, and how they might have contributed to your failure. It’s a part of the self-reflection process, so don’t be afraid of being honest with yourself and with those around you.

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