Worth Taking The Risk

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The phrase “No Risk, No Reward” means many different things to many other people, but for me, it talks about the ties that bind us, strengthen us, and nurture us, especially in these days of uncertainty. As we enter the New Year, let us not think about risk in terms of money or power, but the spirit of love.

As we think about this post, I would encourage us to think about what we should always risk.

We Should Always Risk:

  • Ego for Healing. Often in life, we have hiccups that escalate to major frivolities. If you’re like me, you feel bad about it and wish we had never let it get that far. Swallow your pride and be the first to call and start a conversation. What an eternal treasure it is to heal a hurt and mend a heart.
  • Being “Wrong.” As an outcome to the above, I ask you to do the most challenging thing of all: let the other person be right. It’s not easy, but if you take the high road, I can almost guarantee that the other person will come around and say something like, “You know what? I wasn’t so perfect myself.”
  • Nurturing Friendship. We often lead stress-filled and over-booked lives. We mean to spend more time with our friends, but how many times do we catch ourselves saying, “Well, you know, life gets in the way.” This year, take the time to be with them and create a positive impact that could change the arc of their lives.
  • Promoting Peace. In all things, the risk for peace. Choose positive things over negative, excellent, and ethical items over bad, calm over clutter. Teach peace and fill those around you with harmony.
  • Fostering Happiness. You have a right to be happy and not sad or gloomy. You have the right to smile more, laugh more, joke, and spread cheer. To pursue the risk of being happy, you may have to leave negative people behind. It’s OK because I have learned it’s not our responsibility to change the “negative heart.”
  • Furthering Justice. It doesn’t take a lot of energy to impact this world, but it does take an open heart. How many times have we heard hatred, unfair judgment, mockery, or cruel jokes at the expense of others? You don’t have to be a hero, just a human. Walk away from those who are hateful.
  • Being Compassionate. Many people are hurting and worried as 2020 turns into 2021. There is unemployment, financial pressure, and illness. A random act of kindness, whether sending a gift card to an out of work individual or donating clothing articles to a shelter, is as much a blessing for you as for them.
  • Expressing Love. How many times have we wished we could have told someone important that we loved them and didn’t? Sometimes, we can never tell them again. If you have the chance to tell someone that you love them, always take that chance.

And, with that, dear friends and valuable friends, let me say how much I love and appreciate all of you. My goodness, it has been a challenging year, but with blessings, hope, and determination, we have made it through the storm. However, it always has been, and always will be, worth taking the risk!


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