Why Use Humor as a Motivational Tool in the Workplace?

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Humor is one of the most powerful tools in both professional and non-professional settings. It brings people together, helps relieve stress, and simply makes you feel good. Some professional public speakers use humor as a motivation tool to drive listeners toward success. Here are some reasons why humor is a common motivational tool that’s used in the workplace:

1. Persuasiveness

One of the greatest benefits of using humor as a motivational tool is that it encourages a flow of new and innovative ideas. Let’s say you have a plan for a business, you deliver your speech, but everyone looks uninterested. Beginning your speech with light humor can attract their attention and keep them engaged throughout. Humor isn’t only for entertainment purposes but also helps you highlight your ideas and plans. Not many know this, but humor also builds rapport and can be used to build trust. In this manner, humor can help lead you on the road to constant growth and success.

2. Humor Diffuses Conflict

Humor has always been regarded as an equalizer and is used to bridge the gap while facilitating conversations. For example, if you need to discuss a schedule with your peers, you can always include some humor in your conversation to maintain the level of understanding and mutual agreement between the two. The minute things begin to heat up, a carefully thought-out humorous sentence can help diffuse the conflict.

3. Humor Encourages Teamwork

When you laugh together with your co-workers, you’ll immediately feel closer to them. According to research, social laughter is considered “grooming from a distance.” This means laughter is the way we humans maintain social relationships. When you spend time with your employees laughing at jokes or sharing humor, it encourages social bonds, which ultimately promote teamwork. You’ll be more comfortable working with someone with whom you can connect, and this will result in work success.

4. Humor Is Linked to Creativity

Humor opens the mind and encourages risk-taking as it develops a safe space for trying new things and being open to making mistakes. It promotes a happy, light, energetic and fun mood, which is great for problem solving and creative thinking. Humor helps you think out of the box and moves you away from the “black and white” view.

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– Albert Robinson, Pepsi Bottling Ventures, LLC