The Ultimate Millennial Life Goals

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Goal setting has always been and still remains the main step in finding true passion and unparalleled success. These goals act like guideposts that help us stay on track amid all the obstacles that come our way. Millennials and Gen Z, in particular, are known to be goal-oriented generations.

Here are some of the major life goals millennials have:

1. Travel

Millennials work (and sometimes even overwork) as they want to save money for their traveling plans. This is an adventurous generation that wants to explore the world. Three or four decades ago, it would seem impossible for a working professional to visit another country without spending thousands of dollars. Now that traveling has become a priority in life, millennials set up separate savings accounts to satisfy their wanderlust. Millennials also enjoy sharing their experiences on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Travelling is no longer just for relaxing, but also a unique cultural experience.

2. Career Success

Compared to previous generations, millennials have a stronger drive to reach the top in their respective field. This enthusiasm has been passed on to recent generations, who also aim to have career success. If you ask any millennial about the career they want to pursue, many would say politician, manager, entrepreneur, doctor, architect, and so on. Some even take on additional courses and programs to get promoted quicker.

3. Earning from Hobbies

Along with a successful career, millennials understand the importance of having a side hustle. This is when they use their hobbies, skills, and talents to earn aside from their regular 9-5 job. With the rise in technology, millennials learn new things via online video tutorials. Side hustles can be anything from cooking, singing, playing an instrument, graphic design to learning a language, web programming, writing, and more. Side hustles don’t necessarily need to generate income; some even take on new hobbies for fun and as a de-stressor.

4. Find Purpose

Millennials are known to be goal-driven, and they focus on finding purpose in the life goals they set. These goals can be geared toward career, travel, family and community service. Whatever goals they set, they work with the utmost intensity and passion. This is what helps them find their true purpose in life and brings them closer to success.

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