The Perfect Motivational Keynote Speaker Is Just Around The Corner! Look For These Traits Before Hiring One

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What makes a great motivational speaker? Is it their ability to speak confidently? Their ability to win people over? Inspire? Some of the best motivational speakers are those who connect, inspire and move – they compel people to think!

Planning a motivational conference for your company? How do you know you’ve hired the right speaker? Here are some traits you should look out for:

Is Results Oriented

The point of having the event is to motivate the audience into taking action that can lead to increased and positive results. Be mindful of hiring a speaker whose only message is to inspire with other people’s success stories. After all is said and done, the audience should be able to imagine and try to re-create their own success story or achieve what they want/deserve in life and work.

Does His or Her Homework

This is the best way to find an ideal motivational speaker. Does the chosen keynote presenter conduct proper homework on the company, audience and subject matter before coming on stage? A keynote speaker that does his or her homework doesn’t rely on 10-year-old topics, memorized speeches or their own success stories. A good motivational speaker won’t be so caught up on his own theory that the theme, goals and vision for your event will be thrown aside.

Provides Entertainment

Organizations shouldn’t underestimate the power of entertainment when planning their events. Today, people want entertainment as well as education. Therefore, it’s important to find a keynote speaker who entertains as well as motivates. Entertainment and motivation can go hand in hand. This is because people are most likely to listen when they’re in their comfort zone. You want your employees to drop their guard (enough to lighten up and learn), open their minds and adapt to the new ideals you have in store for them. And not just in a hollow, unsatisfactory manner, but more like an interactive communication, where every person is the audience is on the edge of their seats.

In the end, the ideal motivational speaker for your event is one who inspires people. He makes them think, “Yes, I can achieve this!” — Someone who motivates the audience simply by their presence.

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