The Mindset of Recognition: Identifying the Prerequisites for Change

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Do you really not know what you have until it’s gone? Think about it. You always knew what you had you just never thought you’d lose it. Now that you have, what do you do? Blame the other person, or the situation, or do you look inward and change the only thing you have the power to change, yourself.


As people, our ability to adapt is amazing, but our ability to change — not so much. When you least expect it, life challenges your courage and willingness to change. In these moments, you can accept it or you can change your attitude toward it. Detours in life are inevitable and help you in becoming the person you want to be while making the changes necessary to accomplish that.


My revelation came after realizing that two failed marriages could mean that something I was doing caused them. My mom said something that stuck to me ever since: “You need to recognize you have to change.” Although it hurt to admit it, I was the common denominator in things going wrong in my life. I realized after the marriage I stopped trying, stopped growing and instead treated it like the end of the line. Everything in life takes work, passion, patience and understanding. If you are willing to change and grow, then these detours won’t seem so daunting because at the end is a better life.


Sometimes it’s easier for us to pretend to be who we aren’t than it is to become who we should be. We can spend a lifetime looking for a career or a person who is a reflection of who you are within. The important thing to remember is you alone are the key to changing your life. You have the opportunity to take change and make it a positive experience. Use this to grow, to create opportunities, to make lasting relationships, and to change your life.


Why stand in when you were born to stand out?


Enjoy the ride,