The Importance of Sharing Your Story with the World

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The Importance of Sharing Your Story with the World
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There’s a certain power to vulnerability. You’re not weaker if you let the world in and show them who you truly are; in fact, you get to invite other people to be more in tune with their true selves, too.

Sharing your story with the world is scary. Nobody really believes people who claim to have lived a perfect life. We all make mistakes and what you learn from those mistakes is what helps you grow.

The greatest people we see and know are the ones who didn’t hesitate to be honest about their failures and share the good and the bad from their past.

Strength in Vulnerability

Your truth is yours alone. It’s what makes you the person you are and separates you from the crowd. Everyone’s seen struggle in their life, even the luckiest, happiest people you meet. That, however, doesn’t predict any measure of success or growth.


Your attitude is what makes all the difference, and your story is your biggest truth. Take, for instance, Steve Gilliland. He is undoubtedly one of the most successful professional motivational speakers in America and the world.

As a successful individual with a happy family and a stellar career, there’s no need for someone like him to talk about painful truths from his life. Yet, he does. Over and over again he shares with audiences his struggles as a professional as well as his personal failures, freely discussing how hard he worked to find hope and persevere in his darkest days.

darkest days.

What’s the point of all this? It makes him more human.

When people see Steve Gilliland, they don’t just see a humorous keynote speaker; they see a person who has struggled for decades to get where he is. A person who’s made mistakes and grown from them.

Why you should put your truth out there

What’s the point of putting your truth out for the world? It’s like airing your dirty laundry—so, why would you?

Simply because:

It makes you more human

You’re not just an unrealistic standard to aspire to. People see you for what you are and derive inspiration from you.

It helps you understand yourself better

When you discuss your hardships and heartache, it helps you understand yourself better, too. You begin to reflect on what’s important and what isn’t.

It can help someone else who’s having a hard time

You never know how people can benefit from hearing your story. They might find a glimmer of hope, a tinge of willpower and the desire to follow in your footsteps.


Remember that you matter and that your story is important. It’s what will help you build strong, meaningful connections. Find out more about Hall of Fame Speaker Steve Gilliland’s remarkable story on his YouTube channel.