Staying Motivated While Working from Home

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Staying Motivated While Working from Home
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The COVID-19 pandemic has completely transformed life as we knew it. One day we were concerned about a virus far, far away, and the next thing you know, we’re asked to stay at home. We’re supposed to exercise social distancing, not just for our safety but also for the safety of our loved ones and community.

As much as some of us would have welcomed the idea of working from home under different circumstances, it’s possible that you aren’t adjusting as well as you might have thought.

One of the reasons is the lack of motivation—be it because you’re surrounded by distractions or your mental health at home isn’t conducive to productivity.

If you’re in a similar situation, here are a few tips that can help you bring some work motivation back into your life.

Wake up early

You may be too comfortable in bed or dreading getting out of it because you’re not getting along well with the people you’re quarantined with—either way, waking up early is one hardest things to do. Nevertheless, it can help you be more productive.

Numerous studies show that getting up early in the morning can make you more productive. This is because once you train yourself to get up on time, you will gradually slip into a set routine that would assist your productivity.

Don’t work where you sleep

If you work from your bed and have the option of creating a separate working space at home, it’s best to do the latter. Working in bed while you’re wearing your pajamas can be too comforting. It can put you in a relaxed state where you can easily slack off.

Try creating an office space in your home that’s dedicated to your work and is free of distractions such as the television, family members or other foot traffic.

Don’t work where you sleep

Work out

One of the best ways to stay motivated when the impending doom of a global pandemic is resting heavily on your shoulders is exercising. It will teach you self-discipline and get your body functioning optimally. With a fresh brain and a healthier body, productivity will come flowing in before you know it.

Your workout doesn’t have to be excessive or too strenuous. Anything as simple as a 10-minute cardio workout or a 20–30-minute walk in your backyard can do the trick. As long as you exercise to focus your brain and improve your concentration, your motivation will increase steadily.

Schedule breaks

It can be easy to succumb to the no-routine life when you’re working from home. But if you find yourself wasting time when you should be working, and then scrambling to get work done at the last minute, you might need to enact a set schedule.

But that schedule must include breaks. If you’re working the 9-to-5 grind without a break, your productivity and morale are bound to get affected. Research shows that taking breaks can improve your mental function, help you keep track of your goals, and stay focused.


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