Should Humor Be a Part of Employee Training Sessions?

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Employees laughing during a session
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Using comedy in your training sessions can accomplish a lot more than just a few laughs. Laughter can aid learning by assisting your audience in focusing on and remembering the information presented. Humor has also been shown to reduce anxiety, increase involvement, and motivate people. You also don’t have to be a comic to pull it off.

Delivering a string of continuous jokes isn’t the most effective kind of training comedy. Get inspired by funny motivational speakers who connect with their audience by finding common ground and talking about pertinent issues. This assists their audience in fully understanding the material and enhances retention rates.

Here are a few reasons to incorporate humor into your training sessions.

Grab Their Attention Early

Every day, the general public is flooded with 5,000 advertisements. Using the gadgets in our hands, we have instant access to a world of data (even if you scroll through Twitter for that information). So, before your start bombarding your employees with information, you can find out a way to first reach out to them, which is something that humor may help with.

When you begin your presentation with a narrative or a witty piece, it signals to the audience that your presentation will be both enjoyable and useful, and that they ought to pay close attention if they want to understand the joke.

Humor, on the other hand, doesn’t need to be reserved for the beginning of a conference. Employees will remain involved if you use humor during your event—through anecdotes, games, and interesting pictures.

Enhances Employee Engagement

A good comedic motivational speaker usually won’t boast about how much expertise or information they have. Instead, they let the audience realize how much information they currently have and then relate fresh concepts to that information. Plus, it seems useless if you’re intelligent and can’t communicate things clearly to others.

Humor can be a powerful technique for making difficult concepts more understandable. The content becomes simpler to comprehend and your training is more enjoyable when new ideas are linked to issues that the other person is already familiar with.

Creating analogies that match your learning content to pop culture, like relating William Shakespeare to Taylor Swift, is one approach to generate these associations. This strategy has the extra benefit of not requiring you to be the developer of the humorous content all the time. Rather, share amusing stuff (and give due credit wherever required), and then link it to your content.

Helps Individuals Retain Things Better

There is a significant distinction between learning and understanding things. A lot of us learnt algebra in school but only a handful of us can utilize it now. Comedic gestures help individuals recall content for extended periods of time because they make them laugh.

You’ll provide a more effective way for your participants to recall your subject after the training program if you establish mnemonics for them or encourage them to construct their own.

Enable your employees to retain information better by hiring an inspirational motivational speaker like Steve Gilliland. He is an accomplished corporate motivational speaker who is also known as a comedian motivational speaker because of the funny delivery of his messages. Book Steve and get inspired by his in-person and virtual presentations.

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