Seize the Opportunities

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People will find an excuse for everything. They can’t quit their job because they’re afraid of the unknown and they’re too comfortable. They can’t move because they’re too rooted. They can’t find happiness because what if it means unhappiness along the way? However, people sometimes expect opportunities to fall into their lap. This stigma of staying put until an opportunity unveils itself to you will cause you to stay in a realm of unhappiness forever. It’s time to realize that opportunities are out there waiting for you to find them. Opportunities are meant to be seized.

Opportunity is a mindset that ignites the passion within you. Each encounter you have every day of your life is an opportunity for you. Each person you meet holds an opportunity, each decision you make holds opportunity in the outcome. Your job is to be open to the opportunity and willing to grow, to learn, to change, and to become more than you are.

Stress causes us to miss the opportunities ahead of us. Although stress is a part of life, it is often manifested by our own choices and the way we choose to lead our life. Ultimately, it’s our thinking, not our circumstances, which create much of our stress and steal our passion.

Here are some stress-management strategies helpful to suspend unnecessary stress and better your life:

1.) Manage Your Emotions

In order to make a difference in your stress levels, you need to be emotionally healthy. This requires you to maintain a high degree of control over your life. When you have control over your feelings, you automatically reduce your stress.

2.) Pursue Your Purpose

By viewing your to-do list as a purpose instead of a task, you’ll view your challenges in a more positive way. You won’t view these challenges as a threat, which will make you less stressed.

3.) Put Problems Into Perspective

Make sure you understand your true problem and put into perspective the amount of stress this problem should cause. Most issues have an easy fix — it’s the frustration that causes us extra stress.

4.) Laugh

When is the last time you had a true belly laugh? Do more things with your spouse or friend that instills laughter in your life.

5.) Don’t Criticize Yourself

Our perceptions of ourselves and our self talk, if negative, will cause us to have stress. We become what we think, and our perception of any event will determine our reaction to it.

6.) See The Good

See the good in every experience, good or bad. Life is all about perspective. Your glass could be half empty or half full..and let me tell you, living with your glass half full is much more fun.

An opportunity could be as big as a new career move or as little as an impromptu road trip. If you’re open to the opportunities that present themselves in everyday life, your life will be richer and more satisfying. Learn to release unnecessary stress from your life, and the opportunities that will make you happier will seem to be right in front of your face. Remember, the road is long, but the journey is the destination.