Practical Ways to Motivate Your Employees

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According to a survey conducted by CareerBuilder/USA Today, 56% of Human Resource managers feel that some of their best employees will quit for another job in the next year. Furthermore, other research revealed that approximately 48% of employees across the globe don’t even like their jobs; over 80% of U.S. employees are stressed at work; and 30% of workers feel “engaged and inspired.”

We live in a highly competitive world and expect the very best in terms of productivity and performance from people working for us. The crux of the matter, however, is glaringly simple: Our employees aren’t machines. They are overworked, stressed and feel like their efforts are not being appreciated – all of which contributes to them de-motivated.

As a manager, the responsibility of finding inspiration and motivation for the people working under you falls on your shoulders. Fortunately, Steve Gilliland, one of the best motivational and inspirational speakers in America, is here to help. Following are some practical ways that can be applied to motivate and encourage your employees:

Encourage and Boost Employees the Right Way

You don’t necessarily have to present employees with rewards, incentives and work benefits all time. Simply assigning a task or project important to the company will prove to be enough of a positive ego booster. Why? This will show to the employee that you have complete faith and confidence in his/her capabilities. People value trust and will do anything in their power not to break it.

Tell Employees They Are Good at What They Do

Like people, employees who work for us have different qualities and abilities that make them different from the other. Many of these qualities are evident in their work. Make a habit of complimenting them for the good work that they do. Assigning an employee a project that you think no one else will be able to do? Let him/her know that!

Host Team-Building Activities and Take Part in Them, Too!

Team-building activities help bind the members of your company, fostering friendships within the workplace. This is crucial as team building activities and even outings bring the employees close together, which in turn mean happy employees. These activities aren’t only fun; they can also be inspirational and motivational! In fact, even a meeting or seminar can become a chance for bonding and fun provided it’s carried out in the right vein.

Following a Relaxed but Professional Dress Code

In the world of sports, performance of an individual is directly proportional to the number of hours rested. It goes the same way for employees working at their desks and computers! To encourage and motivate your employees, making sure that the working environment is relaxed is very important. Adopt a professional casual dress code at the workplace if the employees don’t have to meet clients – or allot a ‘casual dress code’ day.

As an employer, there are numerous methods by which you can motivate and inspire employees. However, you may need a little help. Take advantage of the incredibly inspiring and motivational speeches that Steve Gilliland gives to the world and benefit from his own unique brand of humor today!