Mastering Your Destiny: Reclaiming Control

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Mastering Your Destiny: Reclaiming Control
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Have you ever thought about your free will? Do you consider yourself truly free? May of us have and would probably answer yes to this question. Unfortunately, we often don’t understand what real freedom is. If our actions are a reaction to what happens around us, then none of our actions are truly free.

True freedom is freedom of the mind. It’s when you control your own thoughts and impose them on the world to shape it in your ideal image. That’s when you cease to react to your environment and achieve a willfulness that can change the course of your life.

Is That Even Possible?Is That Even Possible?

We always have a choice, whether or not we’re willing to admit it. It’s only a matter of realizing at the right time that we choose what our circumstances are going to be and how we will react to them.

When someone says their limitations are controlling their lives, it’s often because they chose to engage with their circumstances in potentially limiting ways. This applies to anything and everything – staying in a toxic job because it pays well or not applying for that promotion because you’re comfortable in your current position.

We do not have to progress in life if we don’t want to, of course. We have the right to choose this life for ourselves. But maybe we need to re-evaluate our choices to make sure we’re really living the way we want to. If we aren’t, there’s nothing wrong with changing directions; at least then we’d be living on your own terms.

Mastering Your Destiny: What Does it Mean?Mastering Your Destiny: What Does it Mean?

You have a finite amount of time to do all of the things you want to do. The goal is to look back on your life and smile, knowing that you did all that you could to make it better. No one wants to look back and think they didn’t accomplish enough of what they wanted to or didn’t act on what they thought was right.

So what are you going to do? React to life or master your circumstances and reclaim your destiny?

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