Making a Difference: Why It’s Important to Give Back

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Making a Difference
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We’re often blind to our own privilege and the blessings we have in life. We’re so used to playing the victim, underestimating ourselves and giving in to the difficulties that arise in our personal and professional lives.

All of this leads to us losing sight of the power of community in the pursuit of the self.

It’s only natural to struggle with the thought of giving back when you’ve been kicked down so often, having to work your way up each time. Your guard will be up, and you’ll be wary of anyone who seems to be exploiting or using you and your expertise.

However, to attain success, you have to be comfortable with being open and sharing what you do have with others around you.

Why is it important to give back?

We’re taught from a very young age to share, but sharing often translates to giving away material objects or money instead of things don’t hold materialistic value. Sharing knowledge, expertise and lending a helping hand are just as important.

Why is it important to give back?

Why else have you struggled to carve out this path of success for yourself if not to pave the way for others who’ll follow in your footsteps? Sure, your struggle was personal; think of the times when you wished for a mentor, a guiding hand or someone who could just tell you that you’ll be okay.

Think back to when you were in the shoes of those who seek your guidance today. Practice gratitude for making it this far and reaching a point where you’re capable of giving back. You’ll find yourself being open to giving back more willingly.

Not convinced yet? Here’s how your attitude can make a difference on an organizational and individual level:

  1. It establishes your authority and credibility. You come off as someone who knows their industry and what they’re doing.authority and credibility
  2. It adds to your own understanding and knowledge.It’s true that sharing knowledge only increases it. You’ll begin to find yourself understanding something better when you explain it to someone else, as well as by opening up to new perspectives. It’s an exchange more than anything else.
  3. It keeps you motivated.Knowing that you’re able to make a difference in the lives of others and share what you know with them is an incredible feeling. There’s a reason professional motivational keynote speakers are so motivated about their work! People’s passion and energy is infectious.

As Hall of Fame comedic motivational speaker Steve Gilliland puts it:

“While we don’t always know what challenges face the people we meet every day, we do have the power to bring them hope. That hope can multiply a thousand times over and spread throughout the world exponentially.”  — Making A Difference

There are endless reasons why it’s important to give back—it’s as beneficial for you as it is for the people who cross your path. To know more about how you can book Steve for your next event or corporate meeting, follow this link.