Make Someone’s List

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Making someone’s list. At first glance this could mean anything. We often hear people say, “They just made my list.” However, in this sense making someone’s “list” is positive and a way to strive to inspire. Live every day with a purpose of inspiring someone and changing their life for the better. If everyone made a list of who had influenced them in some way, would you make the cut?


The first step is to make your own list. Every person around you has an effect on you and your life. Some people will have a negative impact on you, but focus on the people who have a part in making who you are today. Who have you admired? Who has influenced you so much you find yourself reacting to situations the way they do? Who has added value to your life and helped shape your values, attitudes and level of integrity? These people could be family, friends or an idol you don’t know. Infamy doesn’t lessen their level of influence. So go ahead, write down your influencers and the influential gifts they gave you.


Now that you’ve made your own list you can start to evaluate how to make someone else’s. What does the power of persuasion mean to you? Persuasion refers to influence, affiliation and advice. You don’t have to be a speaker or an influencer to be a person of persuasion. If you connect with people on a daily basis, you have the power to persuade, either positively or negatively.


Once you choose how to influence people’s lives (positively..I’m hoping), then it’s your job to live your message. People will listen to what you say but will watch what you do. If your message is positive, then your actions need to back that up. A lone person you influence positively today has the probability to influence thousands of people tomorrow.


If you live your life with the goal of ending up on someone’s list, then you have a real opportunity to make the most out of your life and to live a better person. Be passionate, kind, curious, loving and let that show in everything you do. Live your days to the fullest and inspire someone who may need it. You never know whose list you could end up on.


Enjoy the ride,