How to Live the Life You Want in 2018

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How to Live the Life You Want in 2018
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If you’re not one to partake in New Year’s celebrations, try to think of all the reasons why.

Do you think next year will be the same as last?

Do you believe New Year’s resolutions are made to be abandoned?

Or are you simply afraid of getting out of your comfort zone and embracing real change?

The best way to bid farewell to a less-than-perfect year is to remind yourself that you deserve BETTER. This means focusing on the future instead of the past—and on the things you can change instead of those you can’t.

This is a life-altering question that can compel you to steer the wheel of your life in the direction of your choice. Here are some ways to get a head start on your goals and make sure you see them reach fruition:

Set 3 Major and 3 Minor Goals

How can you live your “dream life” when you don’t know what it is that you truly desire?

New Year’s resolutions may seem like a tradition that no one takes seriously. However, if you treat this as a lifelong commitment instead of a yearly ritual, you may be more inclined to actually make a tangible difference.

Take a pen and notebook and make a list of things that matter the most.

Once you have everything, create a “vision map” and connect the dots to see which of the things overlap and share a reciprocal relationship. For instance, self-empowerment, financial independence, better job and creativity are all interconnected.

Outline 3 main areas of your life that you would like to improve and clearly state 3 minor habits you can follow every single day to come one step closer to achieving your goals. Remember, self-motivation is the name of the game.

Name Your Price

Great, so you know what you really want. Now, what kind of sacrifices are you willing to make to get it?

This is an incredibly important question that many of us do not consider until we’re actually stuck in a moral crisis. If you want something desperately, do not be tempted by illusions.

Always name your price and make sure you never compromise your personal values to be where you want to be. When you place your faith in the grand scheme of things, the Universe allows you to be who you were born to be.

Know the Difference Between Quitting and Failing

When you’re working consistently to improve yourself, you’re likely to come across new and unprecedented challenges. This means saying hello to failure and understanding its role in your personal and professional evolution.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that giving up is akin to (or better than) failure.

One is a teacher, the other a weakness. Most successful people get to the top by failing at critical moments of their lives, not by exiting the theater of life.

For more words of wisdom, listen to award-winning motivational speaker Steve Gilliland talk about success, and follow his advice to fulfill your dreams in 2018!