It’s The Little Things That Count: How Random Acts of Kindness Can Empower You

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It’s The Little Things That Count: How Random Acts of Kindness Can Empower You
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How many times have you received a compliment from a random stranger and felt like it made your day? An unexpected bright smile on the metro. Maybe someone held the door open for you while you were struggling with groceries—maybe there is some good left in the world after all.

Random acts of kindness like these can make all the difference in someone’s life—and yours!

There’s something empowering about being able to help others that has the potential to lift our spirits! Random acts of kindness are a simple and effective way to enrich our lives and the lives of those around us.

So what is it exactly that is so empowering about these acts?

Random Acts of Kindness Help Reverse Negative Thinking
Let’s face it—no one is happy all the time! We’re human and face negative feelings on a daily basis. However, what sets happy people apart from those who choose to think negatively is the simple act of preventing their negative thoughts from affecting their moods!

When we help someone, we feel good about ourselves. We feel useful and resourceful even if the help we offered to someone is not too big a deal.

The best thing about random acts of kindness is that they don’t really require you to go out of the way. They’re not about huge investments of time or money, but just simple acts that can make someone’s day through a compliment, by filing a complaint against something that has been bothering your neighborhood for a while or even helping an elderly neighbor cross the road!

Random Acts of Kindness Increase Your Feelings of Abundance
When you help someone out without them asking you to, it makes you feel like you have more to give to the world.

It helps us increase our personal energy and make us feel like we’re connected to those around us.

They Help You Increase Your Feelings of Gratitude

These acts of kindness serve as soft reminders to be nicer to ourselves and to take the ups and downs of life in good stride.

They help us to feel more grateful for the life and opportunities we have today. By experiencing more gratitude, we allow ourselves to be kinder to those around us and feel like those around us, too, have kindness to offer in return.

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