Importance of Humor at a Workplace

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Human beings are wired to be optimally productive when relaxed. When working in a corporate setting, the pressure from deadlines is bound to create a certain level of tension. Employees feel stressed and motivated when they feel too restricted to laugh. Humor is the most effective tool to relieve stress in any situation, especially in theworkplace. Humor has many other benefits in a work setting. We have mentioned a few of them here.

1. Humor and productivity

A workspace where employees enjoy themselves and feel free to laugh is much more productive than a dull office. Humor helps employees regain optimism and work to their full potential. Employees are way less likely to feel stressed or burned out in an environment where humor is present. Motivational speakers incorporate humor into their speeches for this very reason.

2. Humor and intelligence

When employees are stressed out, they can’t make the most of their intellectual capabilities. Using humor at a workplace helps employees come up with newer ideas for improvement every day.

3. Humor and bonding

A workspace where employees laugh together introduces a sense of familiarity and comfort within an employee’s psyche. When employees bond well at a company, their collective productivity skyrockets.Teamwork can also be promoted much more easily in a workspace where employees can connect with each other.

4. Humor and management

A good manager knows how to be a good leader, and every leader should be able to mix humor with serious matters. The pace of assimilation of new concepts increases many times over when a teacher or a leader uses humor mid-lecture. Invite a humorous motivational speaker to your important corporate events and learn how to lead your employees better with the use of humor.

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5. Humor and conflict

Conflicts are bound to arise when people of different mindsets brainstorm and work together at an office. If allowed to escalate, disputes can turn even the most productive work environments into toxic and unbearable settings. If you notice the tension at your company rising, book a session with a motivational speaker comedian for your employees. This will help them let go of their negativity and work better as a team.

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