How Virtual Keynote Speakers Are Helping Audiences Overcome Fear and Uncertainty

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Coworkers listening to keynote speech during pandemic
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Keynote speakers are intellectual entertainers who have, historically, relied on live audiences. Corporations and businesses seek out these professionals to shape and mold minds, and to help build team unity and motivation. These individuals have oratory skills that can ignite transformation and innovation.

However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent social distancing laws, keynote speakers have found themselves in a rapid state of transformation. Although in-person keynote speeches and events are, for now, conducted less frequently, keynote speakers still play their part during the ongoing crisis. Many have now become virtual keynote speakersand this is how they’re helping their audiences survive and thrive during these uncertain times.

Transforming Chaos Into innovation

Skilled virtual keynote speakers who talk about innovation advise corporations and their employees on the best and most efficient ways of allocating pre-existing company resources during a crisis. Using their knowledge, experience and oratory skills, these speakers show businesses how to survive – and thrive.

Turning Personal Fears into Corporate Solutions

The health crisis has naturally created a state of fear and hysteria. Amid safety concerns and social distancing laws, people have become disconnected from each other. Motivational keynote speakers use their oratory skills to re-establish the unity that once existed among organizations. They reinforce the importance of being together during these challenging times and encourage people to be more socially responsible.

Enhancing Resourcefulness

In the U.S, small- and medium-sized enterprises are struggling to keep their enterprises up and running. In fact, studies have revealed that more than 100,000 businesses have permanently closed down due to the coronavirus. Many SME owners have applied for government loans in an attempt to save their businesses. While some have received those loans, many are still waiting.

Virtual keynote speakers who specialize in financial strategy and planning can point struggling business owners to suitable loans and grants that’ll enable them to continue operating.

Combatting Anxiety with Comedy

We recently came across an article published in the Stanford News titled Stanford psychologists find that jokes help us cope with horrifying images.” Please give it a read. It’ll give you an idea of how valuable humor can be not just in coping during stressful times, but in helping your team to better absorb corporate messaging. According to the article, research has discovered that jokes reduce the onset of post-traumatic stress. This explains why leading keynote motivational speakers, such as Steve Gilliland, use good-natured comedy in their speeches.

Hall of Fame motivational keynote speaker Steve Gilliland uses virtual presentations to help organizations connect with employees so they can overcome the challenges of working from home.

Steve’s state-of-the-art virtual experiences to help organizations maintain a productive, diverse and inclusive workforce. “The theme EMERGE helped each of our operators to be more grateful, confident and determined,” said Bioclean Systems and Supply, Inc. after hiring Steve to present at their recent video conference.

The comedy motivational speaker wields humor to create unique virtual keynote experiences that unite people when they’re physically apart.

Coworkers listening to keynote speech during pandemic

Image title: Steve-Gilliland-presenting-his-virtual-presentation-EMERGE
Alt-text: Steve Gilliland delivers his virtual presentation EMERGE

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