How To Stay Motivated When You’re Just Not Feeling It

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When you’re demotivated, life can seem pretty slow, almost to an unhealthy degree. You may feel as if you aren’t progressing toward your objectives. Being motivated to develop and achieve objectives can be particularly tough throughout these periods.

Ponder about what can be the reason why you’re so demotivated and why you’re failing to finish a task, then devise a strategy to assist you in getting started. Be mindful that a strategy that works for one task may not be useful for another.

Here are a few pointers that motivational speakers like Steve Gilliland follow to stay motivated and keep pushing through the hard times.

Keep Attainable Goals

Life can, at times, become tedious and tiring. You may feel stuck in your pursuits or as though you’re surrounded by gloom. It’s critical to stay on track to accomplish your goals, and it’s important to make them achievable.

Try to set SMART goals. This means goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and can be done within a given time frame. If you plan to study better this semester or become more productive, start by following the SMART template, which will help you complete your desired goal.

Surround Yourself With People Who Support You

The individuals you surround yourself with are significant when it comes to staying motivated. These people tend to be genuinely concerned about your well-being. If you think these people will help you work better and stay focused, you can enlist their help. They will know when you’re overwhelmed or anxious, and they can do things that will help you calm down and stay on track.

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Identify Your Commonly Occurring Obstacles

Have you identified what’s preventing you from achieving your goals? It can be quite astonishing to learn that something is preventing you from reaching your objectives. This “something” could be a technical gap in a specific trait you’re unaware of that’s letting you down. You can reach out to a colleague with whom you’ve previously collaborated on a project and get their perspective about what prevents you from completing certain tasks. It’s critical to do some self-reflection to come up with strategies to do better.

Be Kind To Yourself

Don’t you hate when a person talks down to you? Now imagine you doing that to yourself. In a world where people can be mean to others for no reason, the least you can do is be kind to yourself. Think positive thoughts even if you have made a mistake. Don’t belittle yourself. Learn and grow from the experience as it’ll help you progress.

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