How Humor Affects the Mental Health of Employees?

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Have you ever wondered why people say “laughter is the best medicine”? Surveys and studies show how humor and laughter play a massive role in a happier and healthier work environment. Read on to learn some ways humor influences workers’ mental health.

Enhanced Creativity

Everybody loves jokes and humor. However, many people don’t realize its significance when it comes to using it in the workplace. Humorous conversations and meetings play a massive role in establishing a healthy work environment, allowing you to boost your employees’ mood.

A boosted mood and a happy work culture ultimately enhance creativity among employees. In fact, according to a Northwestern University study, employees with a fresh and boosted mood are better equipped to provide companies with their creative output by brainstorming with their peers proactively and increasing the company’s chances to stand out among competitors.

Reduced Work-Induced Stress

Stress is a significant reason why employees don’t feel enthusiastic when going to work. Excessive workload and an unhealthy amount of pressure to perform better can also contribute to high stress levels among employees. An excellent way to combat this issue is by incorporating humor into their work lives.

When employees are exposed to activities and conversations based on humor, they feel excited to show up to work. As a result, their stress levels are reduced, and they look forward to delivering their tasks on time.

Motivation to Perform Better

Humor in the workplace creates a sense of belonging and understanding among employees, allowing them to feel comfortable at work. When employees are made to feel like a part of a work family where they can laugh and share their thoughts easily, they feel motivated to perform better.

In other words, humor and laughter allow workers to make the best use of their job by using their skills and resources to contribute to it and become better at what they do.

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