Feeling Demotivated All The Time? Here Are the Likely Reasons Why

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Feeling Demotivated All The Time? Here Are the Likely Reasons Why
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We all have off-days. Staying energized and working hard every single day is not possible. In fact, it’s unreasonable. The mind and body need time to repose.

However, what happens when a couple off-days turn into a week of no inspiration or energy for work? Consistent demotivation is detrimental to personal and professional growth. You can miss out on a lot in that time.

The key to managing demotivation is getting to the root cause of it. There’s more to lacking drive than “just because I feel like that”.

Here are some likely reasons why you are consistently demotivated:

Your Relationships Are A Mess

A single hour-long bad conversation can be enough to bring down enthusiasm and creativity for a week. If you feel uninspired at work, it’s because you’re actually unfocused. You’re reliving the problems with your family or friends. You’re worried, anxious and may be even angry. As a result, you lack motivation.

Here’s a solution: Work on your personal life before you tackle anything else. Get rid of baggage. Resolve conflicts. Have more positive than negative relationships to rediscover motivation.

You Don’t Have Meaningful Social Interactions

The rise of technological devices and social media engagement means that face-to-face conversations are gradually decreasing. An Elon University in-campus study found that more than 62% individuals used their mobile devices in the presence of others, despite being aware of and understanding the impact of decreasing face-to-face conversations.

Between comparing your life to other’s Instagram pictures and ignoring friends who can add to your creative sense with laughter and support, it’s no wonder you’re demotivated!

Here’s a solution: Maintain moderation. Digital technology has its perks, but having real conversations from time to time can truly inspire you.

You’re Engaged In Unfulfilling Work

Whether it’s an academic course you opted for just to make your parents happy or a job you don’t quit simply because it helps pay the bills, you lose motivation when the activity you’re engage is not your cup of tea. In fact, you’re stuck in it. It’s a huge effort and a source of stress every minute you’re at it.

Here’s a solution: Do what you love. When your job is catering to your need to showcase your skills and creativity and your academics help you become better at what you’re passionate about, it makes life better. You’re fulfilled, ergo joyous and motivated.

You Don’t Have Direction

Many people in their 20s spend their time experimenting, finding their “thing”. That’s quite alright; you can dabble in different hobbies and career paths to find out what drives you. What you shouldn’t do is keep at the here-and-there, purposeless approach once you reach prime adulthood years. When you lack direction, you stay demotivated.

Here’s a solution: Figure out what you want out of life. Also, remember that just things aren’t going exactly the way you imagined in your chosen direction, does not mean you’ll never be successful. Keep moving and trying—and you’ll get there.

You’re De-Valuing Yourself

How many times a day do you compare yourself to someone else? Competition for grades in school and for the “Employee Of The Month” title is healthy. Trying to compete with people in every single thing is the recipe for losing focus and staying demotivated.

So what if Stacey from work has a bigger apartment than you or your cousins have steadier relationships? People are created different and placed in different lives. You have your strengths and weaknesses, others have theirs. You have something better than them, and they have something else that’s great.

Here’s the solution: Count your blessings—literally—and you’ll feel motivated instantly!

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