Don’t Let a Bad Week Knock You Down! Here’s How to Get up and Get on Track

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Yes, this has happened to all of us. We all have bad days, but everything seems to pale in comparison with one of those weeks when everything that could go wrong seems to. Has this happened to you? A week that was so bad that you wanted to dig a hole and crawl inside? As a responsible individual, such behavior isn’t really an option. So, what is? Getting back on track, of course!

But saying is different than actually doing. Like all of us, Steve Gilliland also has his bad days. But he doesn’t crack under pressure. Here are a few beliefs that keep him up when the going gets tough:

We Have No Control of Outside Circumstances

This is a reality people must learn to accept. Events, especially past ones, don’t determine the rest of our lives. We are the only ones consumed by them! How we handle a situation determines what direction our lives will go, not the other way around.

Remember, negative events will happen in your life, and you won’t be able to dismiss them. You’ll lose your credit card one day, someone else may lose their job, and so on. The thing with negative events is they often happen simultaneously. This is what builds up the feeling of hopelessness and powerlessness.

The Ant Philosophy

Author Jim Rohn often talks about the ant philosophy. When it comes to persistence and resilience, ants certainly take the cake. No matter the obstacle or hurdle, an ant will always find its way. Why? If you see an ant on its way somewhere, place your thumb in its path and see how it instinctively tries to find another way. The little insect will sometimes go over, around and even through an obstacle to get to its destination. If giving up isn’t an option for the resilient ant, why should it be for you?

Things will get tough. Bad days will come but won’t remain forever. If anything, our bad days should make us appreciate the good ones. This attitude will take us higher and away from dissolution to solution! If nothing works, you can always enlist Steve Gilliland’s help.