Corporate Comedians: How the Right Keynote Speaker Can Spread Happy Energy at the Workplace!

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Management expert Peter Drücker once said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast!”

What he meant was that your amazing plans and well thought-out strategies are entirely useless if your people aren’t motivated, ready and committed to making it happen – basically, you fail if your corporate culture doesn’t support your strategy.

As a professional motivational speaker, Steve Gilliland has seen three elements that ensure the success of a business. They are all about the people of an organization:

  1. Knowing who they are
  2. Knowing where they are heading
  3. And understanding how they will work together to get there!

Why Is Happiness Important for the Workplace?

Who do you think is a better performer? Someone who really likes what they do or someone who couldn’t care less about the work, they just want to go home ASAP? Research shows that engaged and fulfilled employees are better at collaborating and innovating…all leading to happier customers, of course!

Engaging Content + Inspiring Humor: A Boost for Your Event’s Success

A funny keynote speaker is a lot more than just that. Studies show that people retain more information if they are laughing while acquiring it. Advertisers, newscasters and educators already know this. That’s why humor is a regular tool when it’s time to influence, inform or educate. People pay more attention to the content of a program when they know it will make them happy.

And when funny bones meet some motivational, inspirational content, you have a recipe for success on your hands.

But when all is said and done, it is a difficult task to find someone who has the talent to perfectly combine real industry content with original humor. Some motivational speakers are nothing more than humorists. They have a bunch of stories to tell, and these might not be relevant to the issue at hand.

Conversely, there are some speakers who offer reliable content that is dull, dry and entirely incapable of producing a chuckle from the audience. Who hasn’t sat through a presentation only to realize that the speech was right on the money, but you are spending all your energy on keeping your eyes open and head straight instead of listening to what is being said?

You want to hire motivational speakers who can strike that delicate balance between substance and humor.

Create a Happy and Engaged Corporate Culture

Most organizations underestimate the power of motivating employees and ensuring their happiness. The positivity can quickly become evident in the day-to-day behaviors of the staff. And it’s not just the staff. The upper management also needs to be a part of this happy and engaged culture to really bring about change.

It is possible to motivate a staff during a teaching session, workshop or any other corporate event. Steve Gilliland has been motivating and inspiring audiences for decades. He knows how to keep groups of any size interested and engaged throughout a program. Learn more about his services here or schedule a speaking event.