Bored At Work? Use Humor to Break Your Routine and Find Inspiration

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No matter how big or small your business, one of the things that can allow you to touch upon new heights is the kind of people you hire. Great people can lead to achieving great business opportunities. So what are you doing to keep them motivated?

According to Steve Gilliland, one of the leading motivational speakers in the U.S., “Staff and employees need constant motivation and inspiration, apart from their skills, in order to do a good job. Working at a 9 to 5 job or a low minimum wage job soon proves to be taxing and becomes monotonous for the workers, which can negatively affect productivity.”

So, as a manager, here are some things you can go to keep them motivated:

Aim to Create Positivity in the Workplace

The type of industry you’re in doesn’t matter when it comes to increasing motivation. What does matter though is providing a safe work environment that’s also highly conducive to employee satisfaction. This means that the atmosphere of the company should be such that promising and skilled workers should be attracted to apply there.

Many bosses and managers make the mistake of playing favorites in their company. Nothing is as harmful to work productivity as this because choosing certain employees over others creates a toxic environment.

Organize and Take Part in Team-Building Activities

One effective way to foster productivity and motivation within the workplace is to organize and take part in activities. This will help improve employee morale and bolster team spirit by strengthening ties. The aim is to gather all employees in one platform and have them participate in the event or team building activity.

Plan Interesting Workshops and Team Seminars

Don’t think of workshops as just an avenue where team members can enhance their skills and performance. These can be used to improve motivation within the workplace just as well, if not better. One other thing that could bring new life to boring company meetings and seminars is to hire a motivational and entertaining speaker such as Steve Gilliland, who will bring humor into meetings and convey your goals to employees in a simple, easy to understand and highly entertaining manner.

Steve Gilliland reiterates the importance of motivation and inspiration within the workplace that’s necessary for the company’s — as well as each employees’ — success.

This is where Steve Gilliland comes into the picture. Celebrated far and wide as one of the best entertaining motivation speakers of all time, this celebrity speaker can bring to life seminars, meetings or conferences. Contact him here.