Beyond the Money: 5 Ways to Motivate Without Monetary Incentives

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Non-cash motivators are more effective than financial incentives in the long run. These may be tough economic times, but that doesn’t mean you can’t reward your top employees for sticking with your company and giving it their best. There are many ways of motivating your staff without actually handing cash to them.

Here are some of the ways to do it right:

1.      Recognize all their hard work

Personalized thank you notes handwritten by managers or supervisors don’t cost anything, but can significantly improve employee morale.

Communicate your appreciation as part of an effective incentive program and make sure your employees know what they have been doing right. Also, include guidance on what you expect from them in the future. Public recognition also works very well as a motivator.

2.      Offer employees opportunities to learn desired skills

Continued learning and career development is a much a sought-after incentive. People often switch jobs just because they get better learning opportunities at their new workplace. Give your exceptional employees some time off to learn new skills that may attract them. This will enhance their job satisfaction and increase their ability to be more productive.

3.      Hire motivational speakers to improve morale

Conference speakers know just how to rejuvenate and motivate entire workforces. Motivational exercises, inspirational stories and an all-round engaging and entertaining demeanor offers refuge from everyday work, while also instilling some new skills and ideas.

4.      Create a positive work environment

Remove negativity and toxicity from the workplace and ensure that anyone who is putting in the effort gets justified rewards. Removing toxic employees isn’t always easy, but is extremely important to ensure that overall morale and productivity remain high.

5.      Provide perks and privileges

If you want your team members and employees to work harder and smarter, make sure they are able to maintain a healthy work-life balance. This means offering them work-from-home options, exclusive parking spots, long lunch hours when they need to run personal errands and a chance to make up for work later in case they have a kid’s baseball game to attend. Remember, when employees enjoy their work, they become more productive.

The Last Word

Make sure your employee incentive programs are run by the staff to ensure their effectiveness. And in case you are looking for quick and trouble-free motivation, why not engage the services of Steve Gilliland, an award-winning speaker and successful businessman. Learn more about his available dates here.