Best Tactics to Get the Most Out of Your Employees

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Best Tactics to Get the Most Out of Your Employees
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Employees are the heart and soul of any organization. Without a cooperative and dedicated workforce, even the most foolproof business plan will not pan out. You can’t run a successful business without the help of a workforce that’s as invested as you are. Unhappy workers are unproductive workers.

It’s not all about efficiency and productivity, though. Trends have changed, and large corporations notorious for treating their workers like parts of a machine are now adopting more people-centric approaches. They realize that you can’t treat your workers like they’re invisible and expect any real production out of them.

If you’re among those employers who hope to be a part of this revolutionary approach to prioritizing the mental, emotional, physical and economical well-being of your workers, read ahead:

  • Be open; be yourself
    If as an authority figure you are unable to show who you truly are, that’s a bad sign. If your employees can’t come to you with their problems or trust you to be genuine with them, they will never fully open up to you. Trust is the cornerstone of any healthy working relationship.


Be open be yourself


  • Be transparent and open to feedback
    Don’t hide things unnecessarily. This includes your own mistakes and failures. Nobody is perfect, and nobody knows the ‘right’ way to do things; it’s important for employees to know that this is a team effort and that their feedback matters. You don’t always have the answers to everything, and their input can be valuable. These are, after all, competent and intelligent individuals hired to do the work they’re good at.


Work with them


  • Work with them as a team but also as individuals
    Work with your team as a whole, but know the parts that go into it. Each person brings unique skills. Know them. Not just on a technical basis, but really take time out to understand your team members. It can make all the difference in the world to know your boss cares enough to ask how your sick cat is.
  • Show appreciation
    If they’ve worked hard and done well, let them know. Don’t hold back on compliments and a treat here and there to keep their morale up. Call in a comedic motivational speaker like Steve Gilliland and have them laughing while learning important lessons and developing the motivation to thrive in the corporate world.
  • Give them ownership and keep them invested
    You’re still the boss, but when your employees feel like they’re in control of a project, they’re likely to feel more invested and hence more productive. If they stop believing in your mission, they’ll stop putting in the hard work. It’s your job to keep them on board.

A healthy relationship with your employees is essential. If you fear they’re losing steam, call us at 724-540-5019 to hire one of the most entertaining and effective motivational and keynote speakers you can find!