A Brief Guide to Helping Your Employees Feel Motivated Again

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A Brief Guide to Helping Your Employees Feel Motivated Again
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Employee motivation is the key to the success of any business, company or organization. One of the things that separates second and third tier organizations from the cream of the crop is the fact that employees actually feel like getting up, going to work and doing well in the latter!

All this begs the question: how does one go about helping employees feel motivated?

Helping Employees Feel Motivated

There are a number of things you can do to get those you work with involved and take a personal interest in the success of your organization.

Here are some of the things you could try.

Connect With Them

Sure, as a company head, CEO or Managing Director, you have a lot on your plate. That being said, take a little time to connect with your employees even if only on matters pertaining to their station.

Taking a personal interest in their work and who they are as individuals is always a good way to start.

Appreciation Goes a Long Way

Do not be stingy with telling those who work for you that they have done a good job. Whether it’s a sales head locking in a solid deal or a technician who just fixed a bug in the network, don’t hold back on praise.

As a senior member, by way of organizational hierarchy, your appreciation goes a long way with regard to employee motivation.

Regard Their Opinions

If an employee makes a viable suggestion, do not be dismissive. Working on the ground level (like you may have earlier in your career) gives them certain insight that you at your current functioning capacity might lack.

Let them know if you take their options and suggestions on board. This will raise their personal sense of organizational value.

Teach, Not Torture

There are employers who go about getting things done with harsh words and fear. Do not be one of those.

This is not to say you should tolerate incompetence. This is simply saying, if they do something wrong, teach them how to do it right. If they mess up again, gently let them know that they need to buck up. Encourage; don’t tear down.

If someone is consistently falling short, there still is a gentle way of letting them go.

Till you do, however, teach and inspire. Do not torture them with abuse and unpleasant lectures!

Ownership and Incentive

A certain Japanese company owner motivated his employees by allowing them to buy shares in the company they worked for at subsidized rates. This in turn motivated them to see the company flourish.

Motivate your employees by showing them how their success and that of the organization go hand in hand. Whether you do this through position, monetary incentive or perks and privileges is your call. But don’t be a CEO who rocks up in a new Bentley while the office clerk can’t pay the bills!

If they know they’ll do well with you, your employees will make sure you do well!

Seminars and Speakers

Show your employees you value them by adding value to them. Arrange for personal development seminars, hire a professional keynote speaker or hold an experiential stress management workshop.

There are a number of such activities that you can organize. These allow your employees to get better acquainted with each other. They also allow for massive personal growth. Such growth benefits not just the employees but your company as a whole!

These are some of the many other things you can do to ensure that your employees feel valued and, hence, motivated to excel.

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