3 Ways to Retain Great Employees, No Matter What Your Industry

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3 Ways to Retain Great Employees, No Matter What Your Industry
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Ever leave a generous tip at your local coffee shop for their fantastic service and see the server’s reaction when they’re not looking?

In many cases, they’ll tuck it into their pockets expressionless.

When you give them a special shout-out in the comment card, however, you’re bound to see a genuine smile that says, “Thanks, that made my day!

What can you, as a business professional, take away from this observation?

That money isn’t the only incentive behind hard work, and that a small token of appreciation can make a long-lasting impact on productivity.

Here are 3 more lessons in employee retention that you can learn from this example, no matter what your industry.

1.      Give Praise Where Praise Is Due

When you work in the service sector, you’re expected to deal with angry customers, day in and day out. In many cases, it’s part of the job description and tests your patience to the nth degree.

In any work environment, be it a restaurant or an insurance company, negative feedback is instrumental in governing the cycle as it keeps everyone on their toes to ensure high standards of performance.

This is just one side of the coin, however, as words of acknowledgement are needed just as much to celebrate improvement, maintain progress and add value to the contribution made by the strongest members of your team.

2.      Be Humble Enough to Say Hello

We often see this in large organizations, but it also happens sometimes in small companies, where managers don’t realize the importance of communication. We’re talking about a situation where top-performing employees feel utterly invisible.

When an employee achieves a remarkable milestone, it’s not enough to give a small bonus. No matter what their role in the chain of command, their hard work and loyalty ultimately made a difference to your company. Their success is your success, so remember their name and thank them personally.

3.      Give Them the Freedom to Innovate

The only thing worse than an automated email is an email that seems automated, but isn’t.

Every professional organization has rules that must not be broken, but this shouldn’t keep employees from adding a dash of authenticity to their work.

When you go to a restaurant, no two servers are alike—no matter how great their service. Each has his or her own personality that helps to create an environment of hospitality and keeps everyone happy.

Giving your employees some degree of autonomy allows them to think big and brainstorm brilliant ideas that ultimately serve your interests. Their creativity acts as a fuel for innovation—take advantage of that by giving them a chance to experiment.

Sometimes, we leave a great tip at a restaurant, not for the food, but for the service.

Great employees aren’t just good at what they do. They go beyond their designated duties to save the company.

If you want to retain the biggest players in the industry, don’t just double their salary. Make them feel like they truly belong.

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