The 3 Ps of Positivity

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The 3 Ps of Positivity
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How can you tell if you’re a workaholic or simply passionate about what you do?

Take a moment to ask yourself three questions:

  1. Do you feel like you’re making a difference beyond your office?
  2. Are you a source of motivation and inspiration for anyone around you?
  3. Can you say with full certainty that you’re living in the present?

It’s not common to hear a resounding ‘yes’ to these questions, and contrary to popular opinion, it’s got absolutely nothing to do with the type of industry you’re in.

Workaholics are overworked individuals who make a conscious decision to choose work over social life. This is likely to make them cranky, uptight and intimidating as they live their lives 30 minutes ahead of everyone else.

Ambitious individuals, on the other hand, are those who pour their love and passion into their work so that it becomes one and the same. This makes them bright, energetic, positive and 100% attuned to the universe.

They get their best ideas by observing the world around them, so they know not to take a single moment for granted and always enjoy the ride.

Finding Your Vocation

It’s one thing to enjoy a sense of security at a job that doesn’t really challenge you. To confuse security with passion, however, is a grave mistake that can ultimately rob you of your true talents.

How do you discover your vocation and evolve on a personal and professional level?

You get acquainted with the 3 Ps of Positivity.


Discovering your purpose doesn’t have to result in an existential monologue.

Set goals that motivate you to push harder, do better and achieve more.

Ultimately, it’s lot like marriage, so if you’ve decided to commit, find a way to keep the spark alive!


Just because you enjoy doing something doesn’t make it your true calling. Learn to distinguish between a hobby and a passion by asking yourself if it challenges you to spread your wings and fly.

Sometimes, it’s just a matter of being brutally honest with yourself. So, always be curious, take chances, dream big, fail big.


There’s no greater feeling in the world than knowing that your contribution made a difference. Whether you’re a firefighter, inventor, medical expert or entrepreneur, if you take pride in what you do, you become a beacon of positivity for those around you and inspire them to discover their own passion.

Remember: positivity is contagious. If you have a motivational mentor on your list, don’t be surprised if you make someone else’s list tomorrow.

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