An Affordable Way to Bring
Hall of Fame Speaker Steve Gilliland
to Your Company




Why a Webinar?

Limited Budget, Limited Time or a Conflict in Steve’s Schedule

  • It’s as easy as scheduling your webinar and providing Steve with video call-in information.
  • With today’s technology, your audience will be able to see Steve, and he will be able to interact with them.
  • You have the flexibility of choosing the presentation length (45, 60 or 90 minutes).
  • We offer a bulk discount on Steve’s books to reinforce his message and use as a giveaway to your employees.


To schedule your Webinar, please contact Steve’s office:



“Steve was awesome tonight! Incredible. Thank you for making this webinar happen.”
— Dr. Tom C. Hogan, Professor


“Tonight was fantastic. Thank you for taking time out of your evening for our team. This was the second time that I had the pleasure of seeing you present, previously in person at the MGMA conference a couple of years back. The takeaways from that presentation impacted my world both personally and professionally. Tonight was the same.”  — Jodie Sinclair, COO