Equipment & Room Setup Preferences

    1. Lavaliere microphone
    2. If there is a head table, please set it back 2-3’ so Steve can speak in front of it.
    3. Two 6’ tables (covered and skirted) to display Steve’s resources.
    4. If possible, please display Steve’s social media slide for the audience before, during and/or after his presentation.

Steve’s Social Media Slide
(click image to download PowerPoint file)



Audio & Video Recording
The client agrees not to audiotape or videotape the presentation without prior written consent. If taping is approved, Steve asks that:

  1. A professional audio/video technician do the taping
  2. Steve Gilliland, Inc. receive the master copy within 30 days of the program
  3. No copies be sold
  4. Usage is limited to internal staff only
  5. No posting of videotape will occur on YouTube or any other Internet source