Everything You Need to Know About the Destination Disease


Many of us suffer from something called the “destination disease.” One of the most common symptoms of this disease is believing that happiness is linked to achieving goals. This disease focuses on the “bigger is better” mantra and compels people to believe that the more you do or the faster you go, the happier you’ll be. This undermines the potential for developments as it manipulates a person to think that they’ll only grow or gain if they reach a specific destination. However, what really adds value to one’s life and helps with personality development are the lessons learned during the journey. It’s the process, not the outcome, that truly matters.

What Is the Destination Disease?

The destination isn’t necessarily a place but also refers to certain goals or accomplishments in life like graduation, landing a job in a multinational company, promotions, and so on. You tend to believe that once you achieve these goals you’ll experience instant and lasting happiness. However, you’ll be surprised to know that people who suffer from the destination disease are often dissatisfied when they reach these goals. While there will be initial excitement, disappointments always make their way through. This is why it’s important to focus on the process and what you learn during the journey rather than the outcome itself.

Reasons to Focus More on the Process

1. It Helps You Concentrate on the Task at Hand

As mentioned above, we often put so much of our focus on getting the job that we don’t give much attention to learning new skills. When you focus on the process, you’ll be able to give your 100% to each and every task at hand. You won’t be distracted by doing well or passing; instead, simply give your undivided attention to the learning process.

2. Helps You Improve

By focusing on the process more, you’ll be aware of the areas you’re succeeding in and those that need more work. This increased awareness allows more room for improvement. If your mind constantly focuses on the outcome, it’ll be difficult for you to recall all the minor details and learn how to adjust them.

3. Allows You to Explore New Routes

The journey is a series of lessons that can help you grow personally and professionally. You’ll meet various people along the way, develop new skills, discover hidden talents, explore your strengths, and so much more. Some even end up changing their direction after realizing their true passions. The key is to take one step at a time and trust the process!

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